Theres always a gift shop. Everywhere you go there’s inevitably a gift shop. We all know it’s useless crap but it’s incredibly enticing. At least for me it is.

I did one of those clean out weekends about year ago. You know, the weekends where you just go through all of your stuff and get rid of the things you don’t need to do some organizing. Well I discovered that I had all of these mismatched souvenirs from different places we visited. It was fun going through them and remembering all the places I’d been. But I realized that all these random things were just shoved to the back of my closet and I didn’t have a way to appreciate them fully.

I think that’s how most collections start. That’s how mine started anyway. I needed something better that I could display or use that would allow me to remember where I’d been. I love coffee so I decided to collect mugs!

In hind sight it may not have been the best thing to collect because they are bulky, breakable, and hard to travel with. But I have to live with my mistakes. I do love them once I get them home however.

Mugs are perfect for me because I display all of them on my wall and actually use them! It’s fun to use a different mug every morning. It reminds me of that specific trip every time I use it. It’s also fun allowing my guests to pick out their own mug and then I get to tell them the story associated with the mug they chose. It’s a great way to force people to listen to my stories!

Overall, mugs are the perfect thing for me to collect. I just have to be careful not to buy one from every single place I visit. In order for me to buy a mug I have to fulfill two conditions:

  1. I have to have LOVED the place we visited.
  2. The mug has to be cool to my standards. Sometimes they only have boring mugs and that just isn’t gonna make the cut for my collection.

So what do you collect? Spoons, patches, salt & pepper shakers? There’s tons of options but what is your collectable of choice?