I’d been wanting a standing desk for a while now. I spend a lot of time at my desk and it seemed like standing and moving around more would be a lot healthier.

I didn’t want to be stuck standing the entire day so I definitely needed something that could move up and down. The problem is that these sit/stand desks can easily be upwards of $1000.

At first I found desktop risers which are very functional but don’t look that great. Plus they cost at least a couple hundred dollars. So that option was crossed off. Click here to view a desktop riser if you think that option may work for you.

Then I discovered that IKEA had an electric sit/stand desk. It retails for a more affordable $489 but it was still too much for me. Click here to check that out.

Finally I discovered that IKEA had a manual sit/stand desk with a crank. It’s perfect and only retails for $269! I decided that I wanted that but they are so popular I had to wait 2 months before any of the IKEA’s in my area had them back in stock. Click here to check that out.

Later I also found this standing desk on Amazon that seems pretty good for only $200. I don’t personally have experience with it but you can click here to check it out.

Below is my IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk Review. I replaced the white table top with a wooden one that I find to be more stylish.