One of the biggest parts of selling anything is figuring out who NOT to sell your product or service to.

Think about it, there are 7 billion people in this world. You can’t possibly sell to all of them. Unless you’re Facebook, your product or service is not for everybody. Almost all of those 7 billion people need to be eliminated.

That’s basic marketing 101. You’re an intelligent person so you intuitively knew that but I found that it really helps to hear the principle again. The best part is that you’re already doing it! But you’re probably not doing it enough…

Rack the Shotgun

In his book “80/20 Sales and Marketing”, Perry Marshall calls this “racking the shotgun.” He’s got a cute little story to explain why he calls it racking the shotgun (I’ll let you read the book to hear the story). “Rack the shotgun” means triggering your audience and seeing who responds.

Think about it…all the marketing, sales pitches, or webinars in the world can’t change the sale of a prospect who can’t afford your offering. Or the prospect who doesn’t care about your offering. Wasting any time or resources on them is just that…A WASTE.

You’re Already Doing It

Like I mentioned earlier, you’re already narrowing down your audience. Headlines in your copy are doing that. If a person isn’t interested in your headline, they’re not going to read on. They’ve been eliminated. Good. They weren’t interested in your product anyway.

Books, scripts, guarantees, proposals, and risks all do the same. It’s sorta the equivalent of getting a hand raise.

Picture this: Your audience has filled a large stadium. You’re in the middle of all of them and ask a question like “who wants to learn about blah blah?” Maybe 50% of your audience raises their hands.

The 50% of your audience who didn’t raise their hands file out of the stadium. They’re not interested in your offering right now. Now you ask another question like “who has ever used a blah blah blah?” Another 50% of your audience raises their hands.

You’ve now concentrated your audience down to a way more qualified and focused group of people who are more likely to buy your product. You’ve eliminated 3/4 of your audience so you can now focus your marketing time and money on these qualified leads rather than everybody.

Make sense? It’s pretty intuitive and it’s already happening for you 24 hours a day. We just need to be aware of it. Once you’re aware of it, you can increase the effectiveness to narrow down your audience even more to make your marketing more effective.

Now you might be wondering “should I increase my conversion rates or focus on filtering out the prospects who won’t buy?”

It sounds like I’m telling you that lower conversion rates might be better. That’s not exactly true…

The trick to this is that you want your headlines and ads to be truthful. Don’t mislead people into thinking you’re offering something you’re not because you may increase your click through rate but it’ll be wasted on prospects who don’t care. Continue to increase your click through rate using honest headlines that clearly convey what you’re offering.