Maxwell Smart had one so why can’t I? The shoe phone is freaking awesome! Maybe it’s not the most practical thing in the world but it’s cool!

IMG_2139I basically built this thing in secret, nobody knew about it. So the first time I unveiled it was pretty freaking hilarious. I was out to a fancy dinner with my girlfriend Rosie. We were all dressed up and celebrating our anniversary. I asked a friend to call me at exactly 8:17pm. When 8:17 rolls around I get a phone call (I made sure to have the ringer all the way up so everyone in the restaurant could hear it). I let it ring a few times before I bent down, took off my shoe, removed the heal, and answered the call.

Nobody knew what the heck was going on! Not even Rosie. I had a short conversation, hung up, put my shoe back on, and continued on with the dinner. It was great! I highly recommend doing something like this yourself.

I made it using an old bluetooth headset like this one. Just take it apart and stick it inside the heel of your shoe.

If you want to build your own shoe phone (why the heck wouldn’t you?) click here to download the step-by-step instructions

Click here to get the step-by-step instructions to make your own Shoe Phone