So I just got this cool standing desk and redesigned my entire office. It looks awesome with the exception of one sour spot: my filing cabinet. This thing was old as heck and it just wasn’t going to cut it for my new and improved office.

At first I planned to buy this filing cabinet which looked good enough and only costs $85.┬áBut then I thought to myself, “I make cool stuff! Surely I can do better than just buying some lame ol’ filing cabinet”.

IMG_9301I decided to refinish my filing cabinet into a cool hip filing cabinet that was better than money could buy. So that’s what I did! And you can do it too! Just click here to get step-by-step instructions I wrote on how to make it yourself.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below. And if you do something like this you definitely have to comment below with your result!


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